Lindy Gault

Founder/Owner & Fitness Professional, Transform Fitness
Online Fitness & Nutrition Coach, Lindy Gault Fitness

I make a life sharing my passion for people & helping others as a fitness professional and entrepreneur. I specialize in health & fitness coaching & training; leadership development; and home-based businesses. I am dedicated to inspiring others to change their lives through the power of personal development, faith, health, and fitness. I also work full time for Salt & Light, a non-profit ministry that is committed to sharing the love of God by serving those in need of food, clothing, and financial assistance.

I am compassionate, hard-working, outspoken, ambitious, forgiving, FORGIVEN, a crazy combination of idealistic and realistic, a Christ-follower, and a true believer in the idea that "love is all you need!" I am truly blessed. My cup overflows.

  • Work
    • Fitness & Nutrition Coach
  • Education
    • Marketing Communications & Psychology