Lehmann Pratt

Everything started in the late 90's. I desired to put some news o-n my internet site. A record. A list of future events. I started with basic HTML. One-page, with sections for each and every post. Easy. Get supplementary resources on this related URL by visiting linklicious vs backlinks indexer.

Then I heard about 'sites' and 'blogging.' Being wise, I picked Wordpress, the most used pc software. How clever, I thought. Should you get the WYSIWYG editor going, anyone could put up a website. Very democratic.

This inspired my to create my outermost thoughts; on London, politics, and personal gripes. Being a web-master, I watched to see Google index them. 'Here we go', I thought, 'quickly, my gems of extrospection will participate in the ages.'

Except Google didn't like my website. It'd perhaps not index much beyond the leading page. Why, why, why?

Copy information? I set it to put just one post per-page.

No progress.

I looked at what Google was indexing. Then I looked over the HTML. Quickly, all became clear.

In sum:

- Wordpress was still duplicating my information, and

- It'd no proper META-TAGS, and

- There was a whole lot irrelevant HTML, and

- the content was obscured by The layout.

I had a quick search on Google to find search engine optimization guidelines. There is a plug-in 'head-meta description' ( http://guff.szub.net/plugins/ ). But I did not use that, oh no.

For whatever reason, I got the notion that a full style would be the ticket. I tried modifying an existing one myself. Better, although not perfect. Google was starting to list more pages, however they all had the same subject. My missives to an uncaring world were being overlooked.

So I got another person to complete one, based on my criteria, which were:

- Grab a META 'subject' from your post 'title';

- Grab a META 'information' in the blog 'excerpts';

- Put a ROBOTS 'noindex' draw in non-content pages.

But that was not enough. For best SEO results you need to configure Word-press completely. You've to become _mean_ to it. You've to _man_ enough.

I did a little of research and created to following guidelines.

WARNING: They're intense. In the event that you already have good ranks, making significant changes for your URLs may affect them