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For those of us who create and submit articles to a variety of content directories, we do so mostly for one explanation:To get the hyperlink back to our web site.However, its critical to preserve in thoughts that not all links are equal in the eyes of the major search engines.How your links appear to the search engines can be practically as significant as the number of hyperlinks that really point to your web site.

As you cultivate links to your website, the objective is to have as natural a link structure as possible.What this implies is that search engines like to see links presented in a manner that does not appear to be phony, or an effort to fool the search engines into thinking your website is more well-liked than it in fact is.In our efforts to do this, it is crucial to preserve in thoughts the following:

Initial, your incoming links need to improve steadily.Search engines see a sudden jump in hyperlinks as artificial and not an indication of your web sites recognition.When you submit your articles to an post directory, your links typically enhance progressively as they are picked up over time and published on net internet sites and archived ezines.

Second, whenever possible, your incoming hyperlinks need to not be reciprocal.Numerous of you are now saying, simpler stated than accomplished.Possibly, but submitting articles to write-up directories is a great way to construct these sorts of hyperlinks.

Search engines view internet sites that rely heavily on reciprocal hyperlinks as not necessarily containing sought-soon after content material that others want to voluntarily link to.That is, pure hyperlink reciprocity implies that the only objective of the link is to develop hyperlinks and has nothing at all to do with the quality of the content on the web site.

Third, its very crucial to be constant in how the hyperlink to your site is published.The following instance will illustrate this point:

The following URLs all point to the same page, of course.Even so, as far as the major search engines are concerned, they are all various:

Consequently, if your incoming hyperlinks vary as listed above, your web page rank is becoming watered down by up to a element o