Lynge Behrens

A while back and without much knowledge, and too much time to kill, following a little work I accomplished top ranking for six of my sites for their major keyword phrases. And do you know what? In those days it was easy, the primary issues were your meta tags and benefiting from links, it really was that easy. Mainly reciprocal links and all I had to accomplish to have in the top three of my group was put my main search phrase in the hyperlink text. That's all it took, it was so simple!

It had to take place ultimately, the seceret got out and everyone knew to place their best key words in their links, and bam, site one SERP's. The reciprocal link exchange boom was on. Link exchange services and software poped up like mushrooms following the rain.

So I started getting links, mainly function of site links I needed another edge. On every page of a big site I'd have my best keyword in the ancor text. I'd do that humor a few web sites, and bam, straight back at the top. This is amazing! Consider it, $100 every 30 days to obtain a large number of visitors every single day. Things were going good, I had tons of traffic and nearly all of my rivals spending a king's ransom with Adwords for a tiny percentage of the traffic I was attracting.

Once again everybody else sooner or later discovered the ability of buying text links, the battle was on once again. To discover more, please consider checking out: research coupon link emperor. It doesn't take long to have the eye of the SE's when most people are destroying something which powerful, and once the SE's put their sites on it. it's over. And so I looked at top rating site's for terms like sneakers, clothes, gift ideas and so forth. Link exchange services and pc software poped up like mushrooms following the water. O.K. now I'm excited, I have just got to get oneway links from related content pages and I'm back the saddle again. But how am I going to get lots of people to give a one-way link to me from a related information site?

Then it struck me, create a triangle of sites linking to each other, A would link to B, T would link to C and D would link to A, obviously my problems will be solved all by this. How hard can it be?

I had no idea what I was engaging in!

Speak about a headache!

After sending out a huge