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The net is literally awash with travel websites. Search on Google for discount air travel and you will discover more than 32 million sites. Try low cost accommodation and there are more than 11 million sites competing for your consumers dollar. So how do you make a travel website rank very on Google and the other search engines.

Broadly speaking, strategy in this space is comparable to many physical world markets. You have to select amongst being universal and being focused. If you want to be universal, i.e. offer you a internet site which offers airline tickets, hotel and automobile rental bookings anywhere on earth you have to don't forget that you are up against some fairly stiff competitors. The quantity 1 ranked site on Google for discount air travel is Expedia. It has more than five million back links as measured by The price of overtaking these mega websites for popular terms like discount air travel is prohibitive. You will by no means get there. So if you want to be a universal site you should concentrate on less common search terms. Appear for variants on the popular search terms and attempt to rank highly against less well-known terms. There are nonetheless extremely huge numbers of searches carried out each and every day on terms like discount plane tickets and it will be significantly less difficult to rank against this type of term. This dazzling tour link emporer portfolio has various pushing suggestions for the inner workings of this idea. Indeed the #1 ranked internet site on Google for this term isnt even a residence page: usually a sign that this space is not too competitive. This interesting link emperor site has several lofty suggestions for when to ponder this activity. It also has a PageRank of only four, which is not challenging to beat.

The concentrate technique is simpler to understand. Choose 1 industry and optimize your internet site to rank highly only for that market place. Its not difficult to beat the leading-ranked players if you are looking for Bed and Breakfast in Woodbridge ,Suffolk, England . Of course the problem here is that the worth of ranking extremely for this term is practically nil. You have to uncover the sweet spot of markets where a best-ranked position is useful but