Lion Fludd

Lion Fludd is a very groovy guy, wait was the word groovy just used to describe an individual, an individual who is a highly charismatic performer that specializes in a theatrical, mind reading and sleight of hand show. He has amazed fans everywhere from Asia, Europe all the way to the middle east and even in the entertainment capital of the world Las Vegas with notable celebrities who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent.

Lion has appeared on several network-affiliated television programs, he has also performed in major sports venues across the country including a half-time performance at the University of Louisville basketball game, also in major theaters in Chicago,IL, Theatre on the Square in Indianapolis, IN and has even served in the United States Marine Corps, while performing for our fellow service men and women.

In addition to performing as a strolling and stage entertainer he has now taken his skills into the acting world and has appeared as an extra in two major films that have hit the big screen. If you are looking for an entertainer to assist with some charitable events, Lion is the one to contact we look forward to working with you.

Booking information, 502-777-7812 or