Andy Lipshultz

"Well, now I've seen everything."

This phrase is commonly followed by a laugh track since it's TV cliché. A laugh track would help my frequent use of humor to make a point, but I have nearly seen it all while taking mobile digital media from concept through launch and beyond. My experience spans music, video and metadata products for content providers, media properties, wireless carriers, consumer electronics and vendors. I've been fortunate to play critical roles in the creation and marketing of innovative products like the first two mobile music services in the US (Sprint Music Store, Verizon VCAST Music), Nextel's Hispanic content portal (featuring Univision), the 2nd US music subscription service (Pressplay) and the 2nd US mobile carrier integration of digital music subscription (Rhapsody-Verizon).

I seize the day. "Today is Tuesday, another chance to have a great day," I say to my kids...generally on Tuesday. This enthusiasm is contagious at work. A strong leader, I only add value to high performers and know when to step in for those that need help. Owning a P&L lets me exercise my inner Excel geekiness, which compliments my external geekiness. Not a shy one, I've been on panels at CES, CTIA and Digital Hollywood.

As a General Manager at RealNetworks, I oversee product enhancements, marketing, account management and content provider contracts for Sprint and MetroPCS mobile digital media services. Married w/ 3 kids, rabid Steelers fan and have fair-weather school spirit alma maters Syracuse and NYU.

I'm also saving up for a laugh track.