Lisa Metauro

Ontario, Canada

I'm not immature... I just know how to have fun. I can resist everything except temptation. I am old enough to know better - but young enough to still do it anyway. I take 1 milk and 5 sugars in my Timmies - so what? I am athletic - I surf the net regularly. My favourite colour is purple. Normal people worry me. I do the sign of the cross when I have bad thoughts. I am the one your mother warned you about. I'm considering painting a blue square in my backyard so Google Earth thinks I have a pool. I frequently burst out into song. I've honked and waved at my cat when I passed him in my car. I can be feisty, stubborn, sarcastic & outspoken at times. I have been addicted to Canada Dry Gingerale pretty much my entire life... thank you Nana. I like my shower products to all face outwards with the tops closed. I hate the smell of spoiled chocolate milk. I believe kids are never "careless", but rather "carefree".