Lisa Sugarman

Writer, Author, and Syndicated Humor Columnist in Boston, Massachusetts

Lisa Sugarman

Writer, Author, and Syndicated Humor Columnist in Boston, Massachusetts

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Lisa likes to write. A lot. And she's been doing it for a really, reeeeally long time.

She's the author of Untying Parent Anxiety: 18 Myths that Have You in Knots—And How to Get Free, available at Barnes & Noble and select bookstores everywhere and LIFE: It Is What It Is.

She's also the author of the nationally syndicated weekly opinion column It Is What It Is, featured in over 500 GateHouse Media, Inc. newspapers and websites around the country.

A long-time columnist and humorist for GateHouse, as well as a regular contributor at, MommingHubb, This Mama Wines, HotMomsClub,, and, the mother of two and wife understands first-hand that we can't control everything that life throws at us, but we can control how we react to it.

And she's a MentorMama at SocialMama, the free networking app for moms everywhere that helps mamas find a tribe who shares their vibe. Visit SocialMama at

She reminds us that it's only when we realize that life isn't a straight line that we can finally find happiness. "Life is messy and unpredictable. The bottom line," she says, "is that we're designed to screw up, make bad decisions, and lose our way. Because the reality is, life isn't perfect, it's often messy, chaotic, and sometimes downright mean. But it's also joyous, fulfilling, and endlessly surprising. We just have to remember that it's a work in progress."

And because she's a huge fan of growing communities, she also manages the national MentorMama program for SocialMama, the app that helps moms everywhere find a tribe that shares your vibe, available on the App Store.

Lisa has made frequent radio appearances from coast to coast. Some of her radio appearances include: LittleThingLIVE, GrownAndFlownLIVE, Thank God for Mondays, The Broads Way, The Warren Lawrence Show, Talk of the Town, The Brynn Project, The Experience Pros, Morning Magazine, KPQ News Reports, and Midday Cafe with Jack Baldwin.

Her opinion columns and books remind us that with the right attitude, and some dope slaps from her, anyone can be happy and fulfilled most of the time.

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