Lisa Abejja

Student and Youth Worker in Warnbro, Australia

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Hello and welcome to my little bio. I'll try not to bore you too much.

I'm a happily married woman with 6 kids who are all boys, that's right, ALL boys. They are aged from 19 to 3 years of age. Quite a mixed bag of personalities they are and make for much hilarity every single day.

I love to be a mum but I'm also ALWAYS striving for MORE out of my life. Whether it is studying or trying new things i'm always wanting to find what else is out there in the world. I'm currently studying to be a Youth Worker - this excites me greatly. So many reasons in my lifetime has led me to this study and I feel like it's my calling to work with youths and young adults.

I'm addicted to tea and coffee, and love to try new blends and flavours so feel free to spam me your new creations and ideas to try under a post about my favourites.

I love love love new technology whether it's the latest mobile phone, camera or kitchen appliance I sit there dreaming about them all. Never mind they are mostly out of my financial reach. And I love to try new products in the supermarket, that might be why my husband hates me shopping alone :P

I love to cook and bake for my family and friends "most times" sometimes I have zero idea what to make because the routine gets very boring as you can imagine. Every day, 365 days a year having to think of meal ideas *yawn* can't I just have a home chef? haha

I also have a passion for reading, i'll read anything from a spine chilling thriller to a soft love story. Nothing is boring to me, I love to go on adventures through books and always need a mourning period once the book is completed.

Anyway..... if you have read through all of that thank you and I'd love you to follow my blog. I'll try to keep it as interesting and mixed up as I can.

Much love

Lisa x