Elisabeth "Lis" Harris

Small Business Owner in Plano, Texas

My name is Elisabeth Harris and I am Awesome!

I am a Full-Charge Bookkeeper which means, I do it all. I consider myself a "QuickBooks Bookkeeper" because I use QuickBooks every day. I also teach the fundamentals of QuickBooks. Corporate or classroom.

With over 10 years of experience and the privilege of working with many different industries and company types; the knowledge I have obtained allows me a firm understanding of just how versital QuickBooks can be. As such, I get to enjoy the use of these integral skills which are needed to setup, implement and manage QuickBooks for companies and their very specific bookkeeping needs.

Every business has a different journey. Lets work together to get your business set up for financial reporting along the path to success.

Services include:

Establishing a bookkeeping process for your company

Provide consultative services for your existing team

Handle all your bookkeeping needs

I work with clients throughout the U.S.

For QuickBooks classes (Beginner-Advanced), please visit the links below for:

Collin College, Plano, TX

Rita & Truett Smith Public Library, Wylie, TX