Lisa Helminiak

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

I am the co-founder and CEO of Azul 7, a human-centered design consultancy. I started Azul 7 with the goal of improving people's lives by helping technologists, designers and business leaders work together to solve problems and improve outcomes for those they serve. My interest in human-centered design began with my work in the theater, film and the emergence of digital media and has extended to business and social innovation endeavors.

I work with the Azul 7 team to ensure the organization evolves to meet the needs of clients and emerging industries. My background as a strategist, interest in innovation and desire to help people keep me focused on technology's impact on human behavior and the economy and how it can improve lives.

  • Education
    • Boston University
    • Stanford University - Behavior Design Bootcamp
    • Dartmouth College - Tuck School of Business - WEBNC Leadership Program