lisa stefany

lisa stefany

my name is lisa stefany. here are a few things you need to know...

if presented with a bowl of fortune cookies, i will open them until i get the fortune that i feel is most appropriate to my life.

i love writing & consider myself pretty witty. but if you disagree, i'm at least fun to make fun of.

i spend about as much time on a yoga mat as i do on regular flooring.

things i will never understand: bridges, the economy, & people who don't say "thank you" when you hold the door for them.

things i hate: both the grenade horn & the "you're hot" whistle [i prefer the silence of physical mediocrity]; comic sans; when people stop abruptly in the middle of the grocery store.

things i love: genuinely nice people, wine, dark chocolate, extra crunchy peanut butter, designing nike shox, strangers who smile, & really cool little kids who aren't obnoxious.

things i'm morally opposed to: unmindfulness & ingatitude, bad grammar, and peanut butter & jelly in the same jar.

things i know: most people are weird. but being boring is far worse.

i am commonly referred to as a "nut," but i prefer "pistachio." more elegant and pretentious, don't you think?