Lisa Zhang

Born in Germany, bred in the US, studied and played in China, and worked in HK. I've left my heart in the best of both worlds. I'm a recent graduate of NYU Stern; pursued Finance, Marketing, and Producing. I play the piano. I act. I'm an avid tech start-up junkie and aspiring entrepreneur. I code and design. I co-founded and danced on the Asian Fusion Dance team @ NYU. I'm a fitness fanatic; I run, I do yoga, and I spike volleyballs. I gave tours as an Admissions Ambassador. I'll be joining the ranks of Wall Street's most prestigious monkeys this summer. I also write a blog. I'm interested in sustainable architecture and passionate about learning and reading.

"The most I can hope for is to work on not feeling like an idiot for wanting passion to be cool. I think I'll do just fine."