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LiveCasino.Team – ABOUT US

If you’re an live casino enthusiast, the lack of reliable resources about casinos, spammy sites, and outright wrong gambling-related information must have annoyed you at least once. We feel your pain.

LiveCasino.Team is a one-stop-shop for your gambling journey. Our team of casino experts is here to help. We write honest casino and game reviews, showcase the latest bonuses from top platforms, and keep you updated on gambling industry news.

Gambling and casinos have been our beloved hobby and area of expertise for a long time. We’ve decided to share our knowledge and passion with all of you, so we created LiveCasino.


LiveCasino.Team team of professionals work tirelessly to bring you the latest news about the ever-changing live casino landscape.

Our designers review the usability, look, and feel of the products; our talented programmers examine the casino software and the technology behind the games we review. Finally, our authors put it all together to bring you the most comprehensive and honest reviews about top games and casino websites.