Neil McPherson


Neil McPherson has travelled and lived across the world for six decades and has never drifted from his basic attitude about creating sparking creativity for non-fiction: based on the media, writing, editing and freelance creativity, for professional communication companies,individuals and corporations. He has been recognized as being a conceptualizer. At times he has actually shaken his clients to encourage to test fresh, surprising concepts and then seen them drive towards new horizons. It’s been recorded that those people thanked him for taking ‘risks’ and then began testing new types of communication.

Neil worked, lived and performed, directed in five Australian states and then worked and lived in Philadelphia USA, and Ubud Bali Indonesia where he created a co-operatuve marketing venture. Then he freelanced in southern France and in Germany around Frankfurt and Mainz.

McPherson had held senior posts in The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, his his own media media-and-publicity company, and since leaving his Australian homeland, taught German young and on older Germans to use their new language to enlarge their own fluency in situations: for example - a medical doctor and scholar on his new newly created to operate on leg and bodies troubled by vein malfunction; The Manager of The World’s biggest and prestigious Book Show in Frankfurt needed English and confidence, and McPherson once helped a Stocks Comany to create its key presentation to tackle the skeptic UK business press.

Throughout his individual and corporate settings, Neil McPherson has been widely known as a highly artistic and a person adept at driving projects that demanded breadth of vision and he brought out from his hordes of practical memories, like those that he “re-cycled” for the benefits of generations of students,co-workers, managements and national organizations. Neil is settled in central Germany now, where he loves to travel and sample the villages, wines, spirits and recipes of quality wherever he goes with his young family.

His writing device is never far away.