Lorraine Reinsberger

Filmmaker and Project Manager in Bordeaux, France

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I am a passionate explorer of the world, real & digital. After attending film school in New Zealand where I spent several years studying and working in the film industry, I decided to come back home to Bordeaux, France. I am a driven individual who likes to think that multi-tasking is particularly stimulating. I have had a very eclectic work experience these past few years, from teaching to managing cultural projects. Today, I work mainly as a film production manager and aim at specializing in documentaries. I also run an organization developing multimedia workshops for children and teenagers. I believe that video as well as other digital media are key in unleashing one’s creativity and skills in today’s society. Outside of work, I really enjoy spending time travelling, discovering very unexpected places, taking pictures and writing. I believe in taking risks, thinking outside the box and learning how to adapt to any environment.