Los Ellis

Austin, TX

Los Ellis resides in Austin, Texas where he is a mentor, uncle and adoptive parent to his nephew Kendrick. His charitable and volunteer commitment extends from his work as a lead team member of the Texas "Mobile Loaves and Fishes" team, which provides meals, clothing and living supplies to Texas' homeless population.

Los is a life member of the esteemed professional business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, and served as one of five elected Provincial Vice Presidents and National Board of Directors 2009-2012 for chapters in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas and Missouri.

As one of five founding partners and director for DSPStart-Up, Los facilitates and nurtures the creation of small business ideas and supports capital infusion to business entrepreneurs.

Los Ellis is professional branding and motivational speaker to many of the country's best colleges and universities. His ability to deliver powerful and economical performances has propelled him to the top of speakers' lists in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and beyond. Los delivers an inspiration message that rivals the best resources published and recorded. Los is a "must have" resource for anyone serious about surviving and winning in the business world today!