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Second day: traveling with stops the Hermit Road

With more knowledge about the area and the operation of the transport system, the second day we took two buses to visit the different viewpoints that extend along the red line. At first, we even dared to do a part walking, because we wanted the visit to be as natural as possible in every way.

To get to the 'red' end, we also take the blue transport, which runs through the most 'urban' area of ​​the park (where hotels, restaurants ...). Once there, we contemplate once again the natural wonder that we had before us. Sometimes, we could see the Colorado River better; other times, we could see more of the complete panorama of the park. At all times, we did it with enthusiasm. The viewpoints almost always deserved the penalty, but perhaps the one that greater global vision gave us was the Mohave Point. Before we also toured Maricopa, Powel and Hopi.


After this walk and although we wanted to know the views of the different viewpoints of the Desert View Drive (Grandview Point, Lipan Point ...), I have to admit that we stopped at them with a certain reluctance, as if a little bit already we were going to find and with the feeling that it was time to burn another stage. I guess it was time to keep everything you've seen and try to get it stuck to your skin, as it finally was.


Practical information:

-How many days do I need? If you're not going to do routes inside the canyon, I think you're worth two days, if not full. It is a place to see calmly and enjoy every moment, so do not take it too quickly. You will appreciate it! We invite you to read our previous stage, from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

-How much does the entrance to the Grand Canyon cost? The entrance to the park is $ 35 per car. We had the Annual Pass, which is $ 80 and can be shared with another car, which made us enter the national parks for free, paying $ 40. Tell us that we paid without paying the entrance and the next day we commented and they gave us back the money. We found everything very professional.