luca bergero

Agile, Delivery, and Facilitation in Italy

luca bergero

Agile, Delivery, and Facilitation in Italy

I'm a facilitator, delivery manager and Agile advocate.

My goal is to make a positive impact at all levels of the organizations to improve their ability to succeed in a fast business environment.

Over the years I collaborated with multiple companies from different industries (telco, retail, banking) during their Agile Transformation.

I worked with a number of teams to develop successful products with a customer centric approach in a shorter period of time.

I am experienced in facilitating workshops, training and coaching teams using different approaches and methods.

I’m able to face complexity combining a pragmatic and a creative approach, servant leadership and system thinking.

I’m a continuous learner and I'm passionate about creativity and collaboration.


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Luca is a superlative coach and trainer. His passion for human connection, change agency, and knack for supportive listening and deep empathy made him an incredible asset during our agile transformation. The agile teams, programs, and executives that he coached are profoundly impacted on their agile journey by his influence.
Jason, Agile Leader
Luca has been a key person for me in Banca Sella. He's a true leader always keen to help in getting the best out of you. Luca has brought a lot of his experience in the chapter trying at the same time not to hide our creativity in proposing solutions. He's creating the right environment to experiment, share knowledge and develop curiosity. Luca is the person you would love to have beside you in a complex environment as a Bank could be. Thanks Luca!
Raffaele, Agile Practitioner
Luca has a great ability: to look beyond, to always re-examine everything to understand how to improve or how to anticipate events. Collaboration, experimentation, constant evolution and fun are just some of the ingredients that he carries in his backpack and that he wisely doses in all the activities he carries out.
Alessia, Professional Coach