Lucentra Corporation

Moorestown, New Jersey

Lucentra™ is a leading international business consulting firm specializing in international business development, business expansion and corporate cultural change management. We are focused on organizations looking to go beyond their existing markets into other countries to increase corporate revenues while maintaining corporate cultural cohesiveness.

At Lucentra™ , our specially skilled and trained international business consultants bring their knowledge, expertise and “know-how” in strategic planning, brand expansion and corporate compliance to the forefront of the consulting experience for our clients. Lucentra™ is your partner in navigating the tricky waters of international business and international trade. We are experts in business planning, cultural distinction and international legal matters including intellectual property. Additionally, Lucentra™ has a dedicated and precise team of researchers and market analysts that provide valuable support to our international business consultants.

We are equipped and ready with decades of global business and cultural experience. Our people are from across the globe bringing new and different insights to your business model. Lucentra™ ’s people will assist you in transforming your business model from domestic to international, increasing corporate revenue and strengthening client retention. Lucentra™’s international business consultants will assist you in marketing your product or service to the international market place. Our people are dedicated to the success and sustainability of your business.

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