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The Llanca's

Public Speaker in Houston, Texas

The Llanca's

Public Speaker in Houston, Texas

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We are a family of 5, we love to serve Jesus and we love to travel together too and because of that working like a missionary has been very fun in the last 18 years.We are Chilean-Venezuelan, and now Americans. We have served as missionaries in 4 countries (Bolivia, Argentina, Venezuela, USA) and the border of Mexico too.

Im Lucho Llanca and my passion is: "encouraging people to discover their value and potential, as well as to love themselves, so they can love others!." Im a Public Speaker, Pastor, Motivating, Encouraging,Younglife AD.

I have led some foundations such as: Culture Shapers International, Cultural Embassy Venezuela, Hispanos Houston. I work for Young Life...the best job ever!

My #Wife Mell Llanca is a fitness instructor, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and a younglife leader too. My best friend and the best woman I have ever met in my life.

We have the best 3 children( Hanna, Lucho & Marriellen ) that may exist :-)

Something that you need to know about the llanca's is that we are crazy ready to do what GOD wants us to do and it doesnt matter where.

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