Lucy Coleman Talbot

PhD Student in Winchester, United Kingdom

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My name is Lucy Coleman Talbot and I am a full-time, funded MPhil/PhD student at the University of Winchester.

My work examines Crossbones in Southwark, where I have been volunteering as a site-warden for Bankside Open Spaces Trust since 2016.

My thesis: "From Winchester Geese to Crow's Goose; Towards a Biography of The Crossbones Graveyard" is in essence, an exploration of the relationship between death and space, modern mourning practices, grass-roots heritage, social history, social justice and sacred space.

My project is interdisciplinary, drawing from the academic fields of Death Studies, Religious Studies and Heritage Studies.

Part of my research is understanding what Crossbones means to people, those that visit it and those that continue to support and protect it.

... and that is where you come in!

The green button above links to a survey I have designed for part of my data collection.

It will take about 6 minutes to complete.

Consent to enter the project is in the act of completing the survey, responses will be recorded entirely anonymously and will not be personally identifiable.

More information about that on the link.

If you’d like to know more about my work you can contact me on:

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Thank you for taking the time to read this, your input is greatly appreciated.