Luka Jagor

Artist in Zagreb, Croatia

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Howdy, I’m an artist living in Zagreb, Croatia. I am a fan of technology, design, and writing. I’m interested in the outdoors (running, and skateboarding) and web development (open-source software) as well.

I have always loved doing abstract design using computers. At the beginning of the millennium, I experimented a lot with various filters for raster processing, but I gave up productivity because of critics. I was focused more on web design, I designed 🎨 my first website in 2004. But again in 2011 something attractive inspired me to graphic designing, that's how my "Lovebirds to Be" digital art graphics arose. I continued growth gradually by creating digital artwork in 2014, and 2017. I've sped up my creativity by creating a website completely dedicated to my graphics in 2018. Ever since I've published more than a hundred times. I'm trying to be open to new technology ideas, so I've created a virtual reality exhibition in 2021, 2022 and in 2023.

Get ready for the future, read my blog, I've been blogging for several years. I always try to pinpoint the essence. There are three basic categories on my blog: art, science, and politics, all on some sort of verge of good taste. This is the manic world we live in and crowd wisdom is appreciated, please spread the word about me - Luka Jagor. I like individuality with empathy for others. Remember: Knowledge is power, but art is also important.

We can see how fragile the world is and how important our engagement is. If we make a stand for a change maybe it isn't too late to reverse negative trends. Your beneficence today will reflect a better future.

For me, it was especially difficult being a witty, handsome, compassionate extrovert - living in the spotlight. My perseverance kept me on the Internet. I started publication in 2004, as I’ve mentioned, on the neighborhood website. A major quality of life improvement was achieved, now I focus more on demanding environmental and LGBTQ+ issues through social media. My hobbies are graphic design, numismatics, and long walks. I like to travel, yeah, to meet new people because of my adventurous nature, and free spirit.

  • Education
    • Shaw Academy
    • Public Open University Zagreb