Lulu Peelle

Carlsbad CA

Lulu Peelle began practicing yoga in 1996 as just one more form of exercise but soon discovered its multi-dimensional benefits. In her exploration of yoga she has studied various forms of yoga under the guidance of many renowned teachers. Her journey of discovery has taken her in some surprising directions, each of which has revealed the continuous unfolding of her life’s purpose (dharma). Her passion is to share her knowledge, skills and personal experience to guide and support others through the continuous, and sometimes challenging, unfolding of their lives. Lulu has been a Certified Yoga Therapist since 2006, and an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor since 2009. She has extensive experience teaching Basic and General Therapeutic classes, as well as Group classes for Seniors; Cancer, MS and Parkinson’s patients, and those with chronic pain. She works privately with students with structural injuries and/or physiological conditions, or those who prefer one-on-one instruction to a class situation. Her sessions include diet and lifestyle counseling. In addition she has collaborated in developing a Yoga Therapy Teacher Training for Essential Yoga Therapy, in which she currently teaches Ayurveda, and mentors students in Yoga and Ayurveda through each two year program.