Lynda Watts


An Executive Leader.

An experienced Attorney, Speaker, and Author.

A passionate Humanitarian.

A dedicated & motivational Life Coach & Mentor.

A Mother.

Lynda is truly a modern Renaissance Woman, one who knows no limits, and knows no failure (for in failure there is success). She works tirelessly to achieve everything to which she sets her mind, regardless of the challenge.

Finding a leader who is experienced, educated, and passionate – and who also exemplifies the definition of integrity and dedication – is germane to the success of an enterprise. Lynda Watts is one such leader. Whether she is the Chief Operating Officer, Chief Communication Officer, and VP of a global corporation, managing a law firm, directing an international support group, speaking to an audience, or mentoring inner-city and disadvantaged youth, Lynda C. Watts is someone in whom you can place your trust.

At the heart of her success is Lynda's innate ability to build relationships, trust, and rapport with nearly anyone. She then brokers those relationships and makes connections between people, creating alliances and motivating forward momentum to “get things done.”

“Getting things done with integrity” is Lynda Watts’ fundamental business philosophy. Coupled with her expertise in human behavior, her solution-oriented approach is proven effective time and time again. A visionary, strategist, and critical analyst, Lynda is a “no stone unturned” professional who works tirelessly and passionately – and gets it done.

She will exceed your expectations. Guaranteed.

Closest to Lynda's heart is her work with the neediest of needy families, disadvantaged inner-city youth, and the developmentally disabled. Many know and love her, and dozens call her "Mom." The Watts Alternative program boasts a 95% success rate, and Lynda dreams of someday bringing her Juvenile Justice platform to a national audience.

To schedule Lynda to speak at your next event, or to discuss business/career opportunities, just send an email ! And, stay tuned for announcements concerning her next big project, the WATTS Initiative Network, currently in development.