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I am an enthusiastic girl having the ambition to hear d music of well known musicians like M.S.SUBBALAKSHMI, BALA MURALI KRISHNAN,JESUDAS,SPB,KADRI GOPALNATH on saxophone, LALGUDI JAYARAMAN on violin, VELLUR RAMABHADRAN on mridangam and others giving the heavenly happiness in the music field to the audience.
Coming to my point, I feel free to state that I am a state level musician keeping up the name and fame of the family heriditory. I have also participated in Bharathanatyam. I am also playing Harmonium and recitling on Veena. I am also keen in Athletics. I am a straight forward girl facing challenges to keep up the right spirit in the honest path. I have the right sense of humour to put forth my talents from dawn to dusk. I have the born gift to attract the audience with pin point silence to hear the music recital. I always pray god to bless me to serve the mother land with no difference of rich and poor in my entire life. I have the ambition to keep up the following good qualities till my last breath:
To be simple and sample to all in my good service.
Not to forget or regret while serving my mother land & the poor at large.
Travelling is my born interest to enjoy the natural sceneries in our motherland and also in foreign countries.

I am not Philosophical but sometimes few thoughts gives the peace to the soul.This one is one such thought:

"I know it's too hard to Smile when you are not feeling good, but sometimes it's good to Pretend and Prepare rather than Repaint and Repair"

• Live like a flower giving fragrant smell from dawn to dusk.
• Always be laughing, to make the world laugh at you.
• Serve like the sun to give light to the entire world.
• Move like the wind to give life to all.
•Never forget to obey the following Godly people:-
•Matru devo bhava - mother is the God.
•Pitru devo bhava - father is the next God.
•Acharya devo bhava - teacher is the third God.
•Athithi devo bhava - guest is the fourth God.

Kondu vandal thandai
kondu varutum varade pogutum salahuval tayar
sheer kudutal sahodari
-->Thiruvalluvar-Scholastic Tamil Poet wrote 2000year ago !

Hard work , Self confidence and determination are the keys which are used to open the door to success of our AIM or GOAL !

The Champ Is Here !!

Nothing is impossible for ME !

Time is a big factor for success !!

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