Malue Wittusrose


Official Bio:

Malue Wittusrose is a Cosmic Guide & Healer helping you as a lightworker, starseed or heartcentered person come into alignment with your highest calling, develop your spiritual abilities and live a life of authenticity, abundance and joy.

Since childhood she has felt like a stranger, as if she was in the world, but not of it, and has had a close connection with plants, animals and the unseen realms. She has been on the path of spiritual exploration and ascension all of her life and has gone through many initiations and divine openings, which has accelerated the last 5 years during her journey with the world renowned Seer and Mystic Almine.

As a skilled psychic and interdimensional communicator, she is very intuitive and receives information from various realms, bringing clarity and insight to her clients. She is also a Belvaspata Grandmaster Healer, Alchemist and teacher of the Yogas of Illumination, Sacred Moves of Sabahut and the ancient Sacred Breaths of Arasatma. Malue is passionate about working with the Angels in facilitating deep healing and transformation. She loves to teach and write about spirituality, mysticism and magic and is currently writing her first book.

Malue is known for her profound empathy and divine presence, and with her gift of combining the light of the mind with the frequency of the heart, she touches Souls at multiple levels.

Privately she has two children and enjoys playing with them, walks in the nearby forests and lakes, dancing in the livingroom, dark chocolate and funny movies!

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We are the One Infinite expressing as the many, together in the journey here on Earth to experience the magic and mystery of Life unfolding. Let's join in creating the new golden age...

With love, praise, gratitude and trust,

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