Mandy Dennison


7+ years working in global telecommunications has taught me plenty about what's a good idea, what's a not so good idea, how to pivot in a minute, and the sting of a good lesson learned.

I've learned to successfully develop, pitch, and implement global corporate social responsibility strategies and programs in a rapidly changing environment with evolving priorities. Project and program management are the names of my games (with communications experience as a bonus) and I've got proven experience working with amazing (and sometimes, not so amazing) people to get things done.

I'm not a change agent, a guru, an evangelist, or any other relevant term of the moment. I'm just Mandy, looking to work her tail off for a cool organization looking to define its place in the world through responsible business. It's not complicated. I'll assess and understand the existing state and work within the organization to find scorable, relevant ways to do business with the health of our neighbours and your objectives in mind.

If you think I could be a fit for your organization, feel free to connect with me via one of the social properties below or you can contact me the 'old fashioned way' over email. I'll get in touch and we'll chat like old friends.

  • Education
    • Wilfrid Laurier University
    • Boston College - Carroll School of Management
    • CSR-P Designation