Marc C. Lange

Consultant in Berlin, Deutschland

“Marc knows how to ask the right questions and quickly dig into the pain points of his clients' businesses. Half an hour with Marc could be really tough, but you will learn a lot” - David Gordillo, Founder & CEO of startup Noosfer

Marc is a Google Design Expert, who cares about entrepreneurship, making products fit people better, and bringing them to market faster. Marc has consulted dozens of startups while involved in nine Google Launchpad Weeks, the Experts Network (now a part of GDE), and other business acceleration programs like Accelerate Korea.

„To work with him is challenging as he is extremely fast and has a high level of expectations on quality but it was worth every minute. Pure fun and energy.“ - Frank Fischer, Google Lead Developer Relations, DACH region, 2015

He has consulted the German Minister of the Interior, and taught university students in Lyon. Marc has a weak spot for bridging the gap between engineering & design, and is a secret space exploration nerd.

“With his deep industry expertise, we learned a lot about best practice approaches and techniques in the mobile space, that will help us a lot in the long run.” - Manuel Jaeger, Founder & CEO of startupkrittiq

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