Marcus Lovett

Public Speaker and coach in NSW Australia

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Competed in the demonstration rebel freestyle aerials at the 1988 Calgary Olympic Winter Games, cliff diver (Acapulco+), stuntman(Matrix+), Coach of the Year(Skiing Australia), motivational speaker (Global), filmmaker, son, brother, husband, father and my mission is to serve, entertain and inspire, plus have some fun along the way.

I have presented to school groups from Melbourne to New York on how best to pursue a life of purpose.

I am an emotional health advocate and made the award-winning documentary What Ate My Mum? And Will it Eat Me?,an exploration into emotions and their affect upon our physical health.

Founder of a Way of Marvellousness; How to keep the spirit - self-esteem is the answer. How the simple focus of improving your self-esteem will save you and the world. A state of Marvellousness is a daily groove to create a healthy body, a fulfilled mind, flourishing emotions and a soaring spirit, so that you meet every day filled with energy, focus and high self-esteem, regardless of the circumstances. The secret is in listening to yourself first.

Cogito, ergo sum mirabilia.

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