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Marcus Lovett

Producer, Public Speaker, and Coach in Victoria, Australia

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A skier,
that became an Olympic freestyle aerialist,
that became a "Coach of the Year",
that became a stunt actor,
that became a host and producer of the long-running Snowshow,
that commentated at the Nagano Winter Olympics and SLC Paralympics,
award-winning documentary maker for,
What ate my Mum? And will it eat me?
and currently producing the series The Alto Effect, how the awe of the snow and mountains transforms lives.

I have always been fortunate in making a living doing the things I love. I love sharing my guide to holistic health by the Way of Marvelousness. No religion, no science, no statistics, 17 things that work for me.

I can often be found on the Mornington Peninsula training large groups with The Winning Formula.

Oh and let's not forget I was one of Cleo's Most Eligible Bachelors, awesome party, but now most happily married with one boy, and one girl.

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