Maria Adonyeva

businesswoman, philanthropist, and Art Collector in London, UK

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Maria Adonyeva is a seasoned businesswoman, philanthropist and art collector. She is based in London and operates internationally. Maria Adonyeva is primarily focused on her philanthropic activities, which are wide-ranging, across the globe and include supporting women, children and those who are ill, vulnerable and marginalised. She is also an active investor in a number of businesses, notably across the education, art and fashion sectors.

In 2010, Maria founded Ostrova Charitable Foundation to support children and adults throughout Russia, who suffer from cystic fibrosis, a genetic condition for which no cure has yet been found. The main objectives of the foundation’s initiatives are to shine a light on the issues around cystic fibrosis and to achieve major change in terms of the quality of medical care, the work on preventing the disease and the protection and support of those who suffer from it.

The Ostrova Foundation looks to improve the quality of life of cystic fibrosis patients; to facilitate their integration into society and to ease their everyday lives by enabling them to discover and realise their talents and unlock their creativity. In addition it seeks to promote an understanding of the illness, including early diagnosis, offers support to parents of children with the condition and looks to develop legal and social protection for them. The foundation works closely with other leading organisations in the field. It also purchases medicines, medical devices, assists with special nutrition and contributes funding to special diagnostics for patients in St Petersburg.

Maria Adonyeva also launched the annual Chopin award to motivate young people with the condition to lead active professional lives.

Maria Adonyeva has a life-long passion for contemporary art. She has personally supported a number of established and emerging artists, to enable them to explore their talent and extend their reach to the wider world. Recently she launched The Adonyeva Foundation which engages in a range of philanthropic initiatives, with a focus on education and the arts. The foundation believes that learning and education can positively impact many and bring positive social change to the world. It promotes the education of the arts to a broad audience by supporting artists, programmes, exhibitions, museums and art institutions.

Maria Adonyeva holds a Masters in Philology from St Petersburg State University.