Marilu Holmes

Artist in Bonita Springs, Florida

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Marilu co-owns a small printing company in Florida with her husband. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the Universidad Central de Venezuela and an Associate of Applied Science degree in film and TV production. She spent four years writing for a Venezuelan news radio station and a year as a reporter for a local TV channel before moving to the United States in 2000 with her husband. When their second child was born—in 2004—they opened their printing business. In 2015, she self published her first book—What’s In the Way of Your Happiness?—now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. "This book was born from the pages of my journal during one of the most difficult times in my life—when I separated from my husband. I made a lot of mistakes in an attempt to seek balance and fulfillment, trying to cure an incessant—yet subtle—feeling of being trapped. […] On my journey away and back home, I gained the wisdom I share in this book. Each word intends to awaken your self-reflection, which will ultimately lead you to the realization that happiness is your default—your natural state of being."

Marilu has been published in Inspire Me Today, Elephant Journal, Whole Living Journal, and has been quoted in Illusion(s) Nouvelles et texted poétiques (texts inspired by Mark Drew’s photographs and juried for the Bancal Review, Paris, Nov 2014)

In her spare time, Marilu performs with local improv groups and dances tango.

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    • G&H Printing | Owner since 2004
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    • Universidad Central De Venezuela