Marisa Costa

Management: Bohemia Group

Marisa Costa is an actress both in-film and on-stage and has a BFA and MA in Theatre, and a Certificate of Professional Acting from the Old Vic Theatre School in England. She has had roles in many films and plays both regionally and in LA, NYC, and the UK, and has worked with La Calba Teatro (Barcelona), Pacific Performance Project (University of Washington), Fay Simpson of Impact Theater (Yale MFA), the RSC, Shakespeare Orange County, and the BBC. She is the co-founder and producer of A-Maze-ing Films. For inquires please visit:


"Marisa has all the requisite tools of a great film actress." – Glenn English, Playwright

"An actor, like Marisa, who allows you to distance yourself from your own work and be affected as an audience member is a phenomenal gift." – David Guglielmo, Director

"Her work is filled, magnetic, and courageous."– Carrie Heitman, Producer

"Marisa brings performances to life that enchant and awe those who see them."– Ron Kagen, Director

"Marisa is instinctively insightful, funny without pretense and a truly warm, empathic actor."– Abigail Trueblood, Director

"Marisa is a courageous and intuitive actress."– Cece Smith, Director