Marjorie Josaphat

Project Manager, Consultant, and Teacher in Los Angeles, California

With over 25 years of experience in Human Resources, I have the knowledge and experience needed to make or keep any organization or company an industry leader. A natural leader, I have a particularly strong skillset in developing HR strategies for the purpose of optimizing staffing options, increasing performance and morale, and ensuring compliance and retention.

As Chief Human Resources Officer for the Los Angeles Unified School District, I was responsible for managing HR functions and operations for a team of nearly 400 HR professionals, both certificated and classified. With 900 schools in our system, and over 40,000 employees, we were the second largest school district in the nation. Although the market is tumultuous and unpredictable, under my guidance, we attained an unheard-of 98% staffing rate. By streamlining the employment processing time, I was instrumental in allowing my departments to focus on recruiting, performance improvement, and overall organizational effectiveness. Performance and retention rates increased as a result, and our cost-per-hire decreased notably. From developing organizational infrastructures to salary administration to simply providing support to new hires, I have worked at all levels of Human Resources, achieving great success throughout.

I believe that a strong leader is one who can connect with employees at any level. My use of emotional intelligence has been a large part of my own growth and that of my organizations. Employees are more productive and committed when they feel valued, and I focus on helping others discover their own strengths naturally as they also strengthen the company. Personnel management is not simply about direction. It’s about cultivation, and that is MY strength.

Now it is time for a change, however, and I am seeking a new HR management position away from public education. My organizational leadership skills and ability to manage a large pool of employees would be a great fit for a large firm, perhaps in the tech or entertainment industry. The strength of a company is found in a strong, loyal workforce, and a committed leader to direct that workforce. I am one of the best HR managers in the business, and will provide excellent service. In addition to a large company, I’m open to opportunities at start-ups or private educational institutions. My skills in program management and problem solving would be particularly useful in helping bring these organizations to contention at a

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    • Los Angeles Unified School District
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