Mark J. Robertshaw

Bookkeeper, Production Manager & Expeditor.

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In a nutshell:

I'm a fully qualified bookkeeper, currently working for two larger firms and also have my own private business servicing the accounts needs of smaller "one man bands". All the information about my services and how I may be able to help you can be found on my website at why don't you check it out!

I'm also a production manager for manufacturing. Experienced in both CNC machine shops and foundries. I have worked on both small and large scale production lines. Further to that I am also experienced in expediting. I have worked companies in the nuclear industry expediting their orders to sub contact suppliers.

I have an online store selling gifts, furnishings and accessories for the house and home - enter CLOVER12 at checkout for 10% off -

I'm also a PAT Tester!

I have a great network of friends from all four corners of the world who I love. I enjoy socialising with them regularly.

Here's my CV.

My passion is travelling - wanting to see as much of the world before my time is up is top on my to-do list, other things on my to-do list are skydiving and dive on a naval wreck.

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