Mark LaFay

I am working with a great team of people and together we are building a social network where you can go when you want to have conversations about politics, religion or social topics. On Roust, you can get a fresh start. Connect with people that you know to be interested in these sorts of conversations.

Some things I've done:

I wrote a beginner's guide to drones. I also wrote a beginner's guide to Chromebooks.

I helped build Lectio, an assistive reading application for people with a language-related learning disability.

I led the charge on developing the world's first bluetooth receiver for AC ceiling fans and bluetooth controller for DC ceiling fans. Now you can control almost any fan in the world with your phone.

I used to manage metal bands. We toured the world.

I keep bees, raise non-gmo heritage hogs, garden, hunt and spend time with my wife and son. Life is good.