Marko Kovic

Social Scientist, Blogger, and Podcaster in Zürich, Switzerland

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Hi there!

I'm Marko, a social scientist based in Zurich, Switzerland.

The performative power of communication is utterly fascinating to me, and that's why my research interests mostly hover around theoretical and empirical aspects of public communication in the contexts of politics, science and culture.

More generally, I'm a big science fan: If you want to think about the world in an evidence-based manner, then science is the way to go!

I like to write a lot about a lot, mostly in English and German, and I'm also dabbling in podcasting.

I'm president of two non-profit organizations, the Swiss Skeptics - Association for Critical Thinking (, and ZIPAR - Zurich Institute of Public Affairs Research (

If you'd like to get in touch about the things I do, the things you do, or the things we could do together, simply drop me an email at:




  • Education
    • PhD, Communication Science, University of Zurich
    • MA, Political Science, University of Zurich