Mark Walter

Consultant and Project Manager in Irvine, California

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I'm CEO/cofounder of biix, a software start-up. If anything, I'm persistent about discovering better ways for people to be more efficient in building-related activities.


I am from Virginia. I’ve lived and worked all over the United States, and have been residing in Southern California since 2007. My background is in the construction industry. I’ve designed and programmed complex control systems for buildings. Since 1997 I’ve been commissioning (testing) building systems (HVAC, electrical, lighting, plumbing, controls and more). I’ve been in thousands of buildings, and commissioned hundreds of them. I’m co-founder/CEO of a software start-up called biix.


Efficiency is not solely found in the so-called 'low-hanging fruit' approach of energy efficiency savings. That's because most of the fruit is higher up in the tree. And where I tend to focus is on making things easier for people - particularly in times of smaller workforces, higher workloads, and increased productivity expectations. That being said, the majority of the 'fruit' is found in the largest part of the bell curve - where it's useful to the most people. But you need ladders to climb up there, and that's why we built biix.


Our software is about diving deep into the unknown, and emerging with not only a vision but also a solution.

We envision a day when hundreds of thousands of buildings are sharing information. And while that day is coming, it's more than that to us. Because our software products are - at their core - about making things simpler and easier.

For each one of us.


I began studying the martial arts of Jiu Jitsu in 1990, and eventually became an instructor. I’ve participated in long-term consciousness R&D studies.

I was once president of an orchestra. My volunteering has generally been in behind-the-scenes roles included scouting, soccer, Red Cross, social outreach, disaster relief, highway litter collection, potluck suppers, amateur acting, street fairs, parades and floats, and industry committees. I even founded a monastery.