Michelle Martin

I'm no IT illiterate but I hate to turn to my computer when I am back at home from the office. It is not that I do not want to because in the past, it used to take at the very least half an hour for my PC to boot up. Thanks to iPad, I no longer find much need to turn to my PC when I am at home.

One of the things that frustrated me was when I'd like to print something from my iPhone or iPad. Well, I'm referred by some (and my hubby is one of them) as a photo freak as I can spend hours taking pictures. Not only this, I love the beautiful sights of nature and I always capture countless images when I'm on a vacation. What I love to do with the beautiful images that I've captured is to print them out and my printer is most of the time dedicated to doing this job.

There's little doubt about the image quality taken using the iPhone but one thing was missing in my case. It takes a lot of pain to get these pictures out for printing. As somebody who isn't really into tech, I used to achieve it the hard way. How I did it was to select one by one, the images that I love and send them via email. The next thing was to boot up my PC, download those pictures that I could then send to my printer. It is ok if you have to perform it not so frequently or perhaps once or twice in a blue moon. But for me, I need to do it times and times and trust me, it is a painful process that none of us would wish to go through.

That left me wondering if the engineers behind those printer manufacturers have come up with something to lessen the pain of people like myself. This led me to look for a printer that is not just great at churning out top quality image printing but also one that lets me get it done conveniently straight from my iPhone and iPad. Maybe it was my ignorance, but I only understood that the printer manufacturers have been innovating but there was barely any review that could help people like myself decide.

I went through the investigation process and I can inform you that it's painful. Although I have picked up few new knowledge in regards to the latest printer technology (particularly those related to how they will work with mobile computing devices), I think there's a substantial gap between what the technology provides and the general knowledge. I'll never claim myself to be a smart printer expert but at least I know very well what matters in a good photo printer. If you're searching for a new image printer and looking for easy g