Matt Clark

Matt Clark is a 'young professional' working in non-profit management.

Born in Arizona and raised in Illinois, Matt moved to Iowa in 2005 to study international politics and journalism at Drake University. Four years later, he somehow managed to graduate magna cum laude and was honored with induction to the Phi Beta Kappa Society.

Graduating into one of the worst economies in generations, Matt was thrilled to be offered a job with the JET Program and gladly moved to Japan's Shiga Prefecture in July of 2009. He lived in the beautiful city of Nagahama; a short train ride away from Kyoto and Osaka. After two amazing years, Matt gave up his daily commute by bike past the rice fields, mountains, and lake near his apartment to take a short-term job in Tokyo.

Matt left Japan in the fall of 2011, returning to the States for a position at the Center for Citizen Diplomacy. He's thrilled to be working with PYXERA Global to design and implement global engagement projects that promote and celebrate person-to-person interactions across cultures.

Matt has been fortunate enough to spend time in 15 countries across four continents in the past few years, learning from remarkable individuals and incredible cultures.

In another life he would love to be an architect. He knows nothing about photography, but takes his DSLR with him everywhere to snap pictures of cityscapes.

Matt has always loved Chicago, and prays at the church of The Second City.