Matt James

Wayne, NJ

I am a Student Affairs professional. I approach my work with college students with a focus on holistic development, striving to create proactive citizens at college and in their lives after graduation. In my job, I am a team leader, problem-solver, emergency responder, and student developer, along with all the "other duties as assigned."

My passion for student affairs and higher education grows with every interaction and teachable moment I have with students. I'm always looking for opportunities to learn, grow, and develop professionally. I love what I do, and would be happy to share about it with you.

A departmental website that I developed and maintain.
I love merging my passion for creating playlists with my job, like this.
I help facilitate a diversity blog for MACUHO, a regional housing organization.
I exercise my passion for my alma mater by holding an executive board position and managing a Twitter account for my alumni association.
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