Matthew Johnson

As an entrepreneur and advisor, I create scalable, highly adaptable marketing and sales infrastructure that generates explosive growth. My consulting business, Root Down Strategy, is a boutique firm specializing in delivering marketing and sales solutions for high-growth companies in events, entertainment, and ecommerce.

Previously, I ran marketing at Tough Mudder from 2011-2013 where the team generated growth from $20m to $120m of revenue in just 2 years. Before that, I led marketing at Seamless, where I oversaw the design, development, launch, and marketing of the company's B2C websites, which had grown to more than $150m of revenue and 1 million customers before I moved on.

Originally from Vail, Colorado, I double majored in marketing and entrepreneurship at Georgetown before moving to NYC in 2003. I live in Williamsburg and spend my spare time trying to get better at photography, soccer, and DJing.