Matthew Hickey

Matthew Hickey is a San Francisco-based attorney, the co-founder and CEO of Turntable Kitchen, and the content manager and attorney blogger for The Sociable Lawyer.

As the principal at The Law Office of Matthew Hickey, a San Francisco-based law practice, Matthew provides strategic business and legal solutions to creatives and creators in the music, tech, and blogging communities.

Mathew began his career as an attorney working at a large international law firm where he managed hundreds of cases through the trial process and final settlement. He subsequently joined a small boutique law firm in San Francisco where he managed a variety of cases in areas as diverse as entertainment law, sports contracts, insurance coverage and corporate defense.

Over the course of his carreer as an attorney, Matthew has developed extensive experience representing the legal interests of record labels, bloggers, copyright owners, film directors, musicians, entrepreneurs, and even multi-national corporations such as Coca Cola, 7-UP, Honda, and Yamaha.

Matthew has developed a reputation for strategically integrating technology and social media into the practice of law in order to provide clients with cutting-edge and cost-effective legal solutions. As a result, he also acts as the content manager and attorney blogger for The Sociable Lawyer website hosted by Rocket Lawyer providing tips to other attorneys on how they can also use technology and social media to improve their practices.

When he isn't practicing law, Matthew is the music editor, co-founder and CEO of Turntable Kitchen, a popular food and music website and montly subscription service with over 150,000 monthly readers.