Matthew Mattson

Public Speaker and Entrepreneur in Littleton, Colorado

Matthew Mattson

Public Speaker and Entrepreneur in Littleton, Colorado

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Hi. I'm Matt. I grow groups.

I own and help lead GrowMyGroup, Phired Up, and The Social Excellence Project with my friends. I've written two books (here and here). I hosted The People People Podcast. I also lead the Today I Pray / BETWEEN project.

I believe I was put on this planet to help people gather together to talk about the important stuff of life.

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I believe organizations change the world. I believe that handshakes lead to conversations, conversations lead to relationships, relationships lead to collaboration, and collaboration leads to organizations... That's what I do and why I do it. I grow the groups that change the world.

I believe the space between us is sacred. I believe the divine can be found in the middle of our interactions and conversations.

I'd like to shake your hand someday.

Oh, and outside of official “work” stuff, I'm really passionate about coaching youth sports in a healthy and uplifting way. I coach softball with the Colorado Diamonds organization, and I coach soccer with Colorado United.

Click the button on this page to watch my two TEDx talks and some other videos of my work.

P.S. I’m a lover of the outdoors, a dedicated trail runner, a grateful husband, and a really proud dad. Check Instagram for a mostly non-work glimpse into my life.