Matthew Sabo

Chicago, Illinois, United States

I chose the business of innovation, first as a career, and now as a mindset. There are so many great stories to tell, and amazing ideas fighting for air. I pull my energy from that little space of discovery, bringing a shred of 'the possible' and giving it an atmosphere. Nothing excites me like delivering the 'unbelievable' by changing the perspective on the question or insight.

Behind my creative drive is 15+ years of technical depth and marketing strategy. I bring focus and decisiveness, taking pride in rallying passionate people around a common vision. My career has been an exciting mix of science + a healthy dose of magic (AKA marketing). I have a natural gift for pattern recognition, and am comfortable decoding complex situations to focus on the core insight. Although I have a technical background in biological engineering, my innovation career has been from within marketing; I design solutions on day one, not downstream.

I have built a career that allows my inner geek to shape my vision in growing strong brands through new innovation: an intersection of analytical problem solving and free-flowing invention.

  • Education
    • Purdue University - BA Biological Engineering (Food Processing)