Matthias Buehler

Consultant, Architect, and Procedural 3D City Modeling in Uster, Switzerland

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My name is Matthias Buehler.

Please find my LinkedIn profile here.

My passion lies in creating 3D models of cities and environments for Architecture, Urban Planning, 3DGIS and the entertainment industries (VFX & Games).

Follow me on Twitter: @MattB3D and @vrbnio

I am the founder of vrbn studios (say ‘urban’), providing CityEngine services, consulting and training.

If you have any questions regarding procedural 3d cities for 3DGIS, highend visualizations, digital film sets or games, contact me via:

[email protected]

Core expertise:

- Master’s degree in Architecture

- Specialized in photorealistic rendering techniques

- CityEngine specialist (full time since 2009!)

- Technical workflows (3DGIS, pipeline integration, scripting, ..)

Before, I have been working at Scanline VFX in Vancouver as ‘Lead Environment Developer’, creating city models for the Hollywood Blockbuster Independence Day Resurgence, ‘Head of 3D Technologies’ at Garsdale Design in England. Further in the past, I have been working at the Esri R&D Center Zurich for almost 5 years, where CityEngine is developed. There, I was responsible for most tech support, training, general product engineering, as well as developing example cities.

My earliest steps in 3d graphics date back to the year 1992. My background is in Architecture (MSc Arch ETH), which gives me a solid base in digital architecture.

Have a look at my Favela project I did with a friend, and also this GNOMON workshop training DVD.

  • Work
    • 3D Visualizing
  • Education
    • ETH Zurich, Gnomon School of VFX, 3D Classes