Maureen McKeon

North Miami, Florida

Howdy, and welcome to my website!

My name is Maureen, and I'm addicted to nature. North Miami is my home base, but on weekends, you can probably find me up in the wetlands of Palm Beach County or south in the Everglades, stalking birds and dodging alligators to get a good shot with my Nikon.

My day job? I'm a content editor, copywriter, and social media manager - cruises and meetings at sea are my niche. I love my job, but when it's time to feed my soul, I power down the devices and head outside.

About my blog: I'm an amateur photographer and new to birding, but it's a growing passion, ignited by a recent expedition to Galapagos. My two kitties, wild birds, and various critters I encounter inspire me. My hope is that the photos and stories in "Lessons from Birds and Wildlife" will brighten your day, and inspire you too!

  • Work
    • Web Content Editor
  • Education
    • Clark University