Maureka Davis

Who am I? This question is more complex than the 3 words contained in it, yet it is asked daily with little thought as to how much I would have to divulge to answer such a personal and pricking question.

To Vaguely answer I am Maureka. I am a wife, a mother, and a student. Those are just a few of the hats I wear ;-)

To abstractly answer that question, I would say that I am still searching. For what you might ask, for pieces. I am searching for the pieces of me. The strange thing about life is that these puzzle pieces that make us into who we are, are not just simply put into a box and placed on isle 13A at Target ready for purchase and assembly with a picture to guide you along the way. In life the puzzle pieces of each person are contained in other people, in the Word of Yah (God), and in the generations of women and role models that have come before us. So....With all that being said; I am here to be transparent, to share, to inspire, to give my piece of the puzzle to some young woman who has been led to seek the true meaning of life, love, happiness, marriage, motherhood, and faith.

Come along for the ride. We will laugh, sing songs, shed tears, bond, and then like every good trip, we will walk away with valued memories and treasures to pass on to someone else.