Mavian Arocha-Rowe

Mavian Arocha-Rowe is an asset to the publishing industry, allocating her strengths in writing and research to developing thought-provoking profiles and informational editorial which have been published in a variety of media outlets. She is currently the editor-in-chief of Strategy Magazine, a national business lifestyle publication, where she has received accolades from FOLIO Magazine and the Library Journal. Her hands-on experience in the ever-changing business world has ignited her passion and perseverance to creatively fuse Strategy's "Business Learning & Life." She provides business tips to the ambitious professionals who are thirsty to reinvent themselves within the present economy, as well as business leaders who are striving to build a legacy.

Arocha-Rowe is also a Speaker and Advocate for WellSpring Living, spokesperson for Ambassadors for Kids Club, on-air contributor for CNN NotiMujer, and Director of Content and Education for The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism. It is obvious her passionate resonates in communications.

Early on in her career, she caught the attention of many publishers and television producers. While attending Florida International University, she simultaneously held rank as an editor for Selecta Magazine, Channels Magazine, and Zink Magazine—all of which serve focus to embracing a national outlook for an affluent lifestyle.

Her fresh and innovative style eventually made way to capture the awareness of Cosmopro Group International—the global umbrella corporation to Pevonia Botanica and Medicalia Skincare—whose interests were to contract with Arocha-Rowe to revolutionize their consumer outreach through marketing and PR efforts. Upon acceptance in 2000, Arocha-Rowe launched her own media firm: Reigning Media Group (RMG). For eight years, RMG provided a host of international clientele with consulting and support services geared toward developing the outreach of their brands.

The demands for her attentive and keen-eye have been vast and continuous, giving her the privilege to enhance her force as a results-driven and multifaceted entrepreneur. Arocha-Rowe, fluent in English and Spanish was responsible for launching and serving as the founding editor-in-chief for Perfect Vision Media Group; publishing umbrella for Lincoln Road Magazine, Las Olas Magazine, and Yachtsman Magazine; Paradise Magazine; as well as Nikki Style Magazine, where Arocha-Rowe seized the opportunity to reform fashion edito